eRAM Release 3.1.10

The following changes will be included in the 3.1.10 release:

PI/Lab Personnel

Slight wording changes have been made to some of the Annual Review email notifications.

The Submission Deadline Date has been added to the subject line of Protocol Expiration email notifications.
In several Protocol Expiration email notifications, the phrase "submit prior to" has been changed to "submit no later than."


A bug that prevented changes from being highlighted in View Differences has been corrected.

An Assigned Reviewers column now displays on the far right of most tabs/lists in the Comittee Reviewer and RCA workspaces.

A new Reviewer Internal Comments tab now displays in Protocol and Amendment workspaces. The tab cotains three lists:

  • Assigned Reviewers
  • Reviewers Who Have Submitted Reviews
  • Reviewer Comments

A new All Review Internal Comments tab now displays in the Committee Reviewer and RCA workspaces. This tab contains two lists, All Reviewer Comments on Protocols and All Reviewer Comments on Amendments, allowing reviewers to view all comments from a single location and contribute as needed.

A new Reviewer Bios tab now displays in the Committee Reviewer and RCA workspaces. This tab lists contact information and biographical information of Reviewers.

Committee Reviewers can maitain their own biographical information by clicking on the newly added My Bio tab in the Committee Reviewer workspace. Click the Update link next to your name in order to edit your biographical information.