eRAM Release 3.1.13

The following changes will be included in the 3.1.13 release:



Maintain Code Values functionality has been redesigned for a better user-experience and faster performance.

  • All your applicable tabs are now accessible by clicking Maintain Code Values in the Roles list on the left side of your home workspace.
  • Each tab offers the same data-maintenance options as in the previous version, but the Add and Update buttons are now available immediately under each tab.
Dates listed on the Time Period drop-down menu for Add Person ULAM Pocket Timecard now display in reverse-chronological order starting with the most recent date.
OK and Cancel buttons have been added to the top of the Manage Pocket Timecards window.
If it is in eRAM, the Agent Trade Name is now listed immediately after the Agent Name on most lists, selectors and reports.
An error causing the view-only verison of Animal Handling Details to appear editable has been fixed.
The Space Table Reference ID is now listed immediately after the Facility Building and Room information on a variety of Facility reports used by UCUCA.

PI/Lab Personnel

Two new options are now available on the Request Animal Number Correction USE form when selecting the correction reason:

  • Animals transferred to wrong HUC
  • Animals transferred to wrong protocol