eRAM Release 3.1.26

The following changes will be included in the 3.1.26 release:



The ACU Office now has the ability to add and maintain PHS Member Number, Alternate Reviewer and Reviewer Type for all user accounts in eRAM.

Deleted rooms are no longer available to be chosen when entering/editing Pocket Time Cards.

Three properties have been added to the Create/Update Hazards page:

  • Is Animal?
  • Is IBC Substance?
  • IBC Human or Animal Substance ID

PI/Lab Personnel

Animal Purchase and Notification of Delivery Use forms for Pigs now require the review of the current Herd Health Analysis document (link provided on the Use form) and acknowledgement of your review prior to submission.
Email notifications will now be sent to eRAM accounts that have not completed MLearning Refresher Training. Notifications will be sent: 60 days prior to due date, 30 days prior, 14 days prior and due today.
A bug has been fixed that caused the Less Than 10% Balance notification message to be sent in cases where an Unauthorized Use Category on a protocol was not less than 10%.

ULAM Training

An update has been made so that the process will automatically resume in cases of failures during the MLearning nightly data feed.