eRAM Release 3.1.27

The following changes will be included in the 3.1.27 release:



An access issue has been fixed that prevented the ACU Office from adding/maintaining PHS Member Number, Alternate Reviewer and Reviewer Type for all user accounts in eRAM.

ACU Facility Admins will be able to maintain the code values for Facility Building, Facility Building Area, Facility Inspection Room Code, Facility Personnel, and Facility ULAM Building Quadrant.



Columns on several ULAM Accounting lists have been updated to correct labeling inaccuracies.


PI/Lab Personnel

Help links in the protocol application pages have been updated to fix broken links and name changes issues.

All fax number fields have been removed from the Shipping (Import) and Shipping (Export) forms, and from the animal form workspace tabs.
A new Analytical II-V license type is available for selection when creating a Controled Substance Registration (CSR).



Protocol, PI and Species columns have been added to the OSEH Med Surv-People All report, which is accessed on the OSEH Med Surv workspace Inbox.