eRAM Release 3.1.30

The following changes will be included in the 3.1.30 release:


PI/Lab Personnel

An bug preventing users from submitting the Shipping (Export) USE form has been fixed.

A new Controlled Substance Registration (CSR) Schedule II-V Pharmacy license type has been added.
A bug preventing species from correctly displaying side-by-side when viewing the Species application page has been fixed.
An error allowing some protocols to be submitted without answering the Hazard Procedure Details required question, "Describe the risks to Lab Personnel and Animal Care Staff, and how those risks will be controlled," has been fixed.

The following attributes can now be maintained for Facilities:

  • Cage Wash (Y/N)
  • Food Storage (Y/N)
  • Airflow Direction (Positive/Negative)
  • Temperature Sensor in Room (Y/N)
  • Humidity Sensor in Room (Y/N)