eRAM Release 3.1.37

The following changes will be included in the 3.1.37 release:

Protocol Changes to questions:

  • change to Funding page (6 reworded and 1 removed)
  • change to Location page (2 reworded, 1 moved, and 1 removed)
  • change to PI Assurance page (1 reworded)

See the Protocol Updates page for more details.

All Roles

Protocol Workspace
On the Protocol Workspace - Personnel Tab, the ULAM Tech Service question has been added, so the protocol doesn't need to be opened to see this info.

Protocol Hazards - Species
On the Protocol Hazards - Species pages, a bug has been fixed so that the status of the IBC and/or IBCAs will be updated automatically from eResearch Regulatory Management (its source system).


The ABSL Exception Tab on the REC Workspace has been removed. The list of data previously on this tab has been moved to the Inbox Tab.