eRAM Release 3.1.45

The following change will be included in the 3.1.45 release:


The NEW EHS Medical Surveillance form is ready for use in eRAM
System email purpose and schedule has not change but instead of filling out a paper or online PDF form, users now complete the form in eRam. Emails will have link that allows users to directly fill out the form. Additional details.

MLearning study team member domain update
In an amendment, when a study team member has been marked as not handling a non-rodent Species in Animal Handling Details, the amendment now removes the MLearning domain "Domain U024 ULAM Non Rodent Mammal Surgery".

PI protocol role display
When a PI is added to a protocol, the list of protocol roles now appears instantly, instead of saving first.

Inspection Group Number
A Inspection Group Number column has been added to the following tabs on the UCUCA Facility Inspector workspace: All Visits, All Visits To Be Scheduled, All Scheduled Visits, All Visits in Follow Up, Facility Inspection Visits, All Findings/Deficiencies.

Maintain Findings/Deficiencies note(s) renamed
After clicking the "Maintain Findings/Deficiencies" activity on a Visit, "Note" and "Notes" are now called "Admin Note" and "Admin Notes".