eRAM SSRS Release

The following changes will be included in the 6/28/2016 SSRS release:


Department ID, Department Name, Department Group ID, Department Group Name and RCA Name columns have been added to the following reports:

  • (R08a) Turntime for Protocols by State
  • (R08b) Turntime for Protocols by Summary State
  • (R09a) Turntime for Amendments by State
  • (R09b) Turntime for Amendments by Summary State
  • (R107) State Timeline for Approved Protocols
  • (R110) Protocol - Activity - Approve Without Questions
  • (R111) Protocol - Activity - With Questions
  • (R112) Protocol - Activity - Send to Committee
  • (R113) Amendment - Activity - Approve Without Questions
  • (R114) Amendment - Activity - With Questions
  • (R115) Amendment - Activity - Send to Committee