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SSRS Reports Quick Reference

Reports Quick Reference Card
A general overview for working with SSRS reports in eRAM.
Install ActiveX Control for Internet Explorer Set up your web browser to print reports using Internet Explorer.
Print SSRS Reports as PDF Step-by-step instructions for printing reports using browsers other than Internet Explorer.
Export SSRS Reports to Excel Step-by-step instructions for exporting SSRS report data into Excel.
Download Barcode Font   Click on the link to download a barcode font for use with Barcode reports.

Facility Inspections Step-by-Steps

Facility Inspector
Maintain Deficiencies/Findings & Create Action Items
PI/Lab Personnel
Action Plan Details & Complete Action
Facility Inspector
Review Completed Action Item
Facility Inspector Admin
Close Deficiency Action and Close Visit

All Roles

View Differences (between application versions)
A general overview of the View Differences functionality.
Reformat Excel Cells
Reformat cell data when exporting Custom Search Reports as an Excel file.

PI and Lab Personnel

eRAM Phase 3 Summary of Changes

*includes information regarding PI only functionality

PI and Lab Personnel Quick Reference Card
PI Only* Quick Reference Card

How To:

Add Animal Handling Details (New)
pdf link for new version of add animal handling details
Add Animal Handling Details (Original)
Add Funding
Add Locations
Add PI*
Add Personnel
Add Species
Amendment Workspace Reference*
Create Amendments*
Home Workspace Reference
Make Changes
Protocol Workspace Reference
Create Animal Use Forms
Animal Use Forms Reference
Create Action Items
Manage Shortcodes
Shortcodes Reference
Hide/Show Errors
Cages/Cage Cards Reference
Cages/Cage Cards Reference pdf
Charges Reference
Charges Reference pdf
Request Breeding Sheets
Request Breeding Sheets pdf
Request Quick Cards
Request Quick Cards pdf
Controlled Substance Registration
Request Quick Cards pdf
Request or Maintain ABSL 2 Exemptions
Request ABSL2 Exemptions pdf

Committee Reviewer

Reviewer Quick Reference Card

How Tos:

Add Reviewer Questions
Reviewer Workspace Reference

Department Reviewer

Department Reviewer Quick Reference Card

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