Additional Help

1.2 Long Title

The Long Title is for proposal titles that are more than 256 characters.

  • If you do not enter a Long Title, the Project Title will default in the Long Title field after you save the PAF.
    • It helps with searches in the eRPM data set that every project has a Long Title.
  • If you later change the Project Title, make sure to update your Long Title.

For project titles more than 256 characters:

  • Abbreviate the title in the Project Title field
  • Capture the full proposal title in the Long Title field.

    TIP: Spell out uncommon acronyms and abbreviations that would be unknown to the average lay person.

    For example, to anyone in the arthritis field, JRA is juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, but a lay person might not be familiar with that abbreviation.

Long Title Appears:

  • On the first page of the PAF
  • In the Research Administration Proposal Management data warehouse.

Project Title Appears:

All other title references in the Proposal Management system will use the Project Title.