Additional Help

1.3 Is this a funding opportunity?

Brief directions are included below. For more information, see from eRPM (includes full process and illustrations of pages & steps.)

Select "Yes"

If the Funding Opportunity/Solicitation is available through, select "Yes" to this question to link the guidelines, forms and submission instructions to the proposal package.

  • You MUST select this option to generate the forms from the eResearch Proposal Management system for supported opportunities (FOAs).
    • You will determine if your FOA is supported (all required forms are supported) when you select your FOA and see the list of forms on the Sponsor page.
  • Using the information from the Opportunity ID some of the information in the Proposal Package, such as Sponsor Information, will be prefilled out for you in the PAF.

Select "No"

If you select "No", you will not have the option to pull the funding opportunity from, and you will be required to enter additional information about the proposal such as Sponsor Information later in the PAF.


Previously, many of you completed your proposal before the PAF. You will find it beneficial to now complete the PAF first because you will have the opportunity to copy information from the PAF to the forms and some standard information pre-populates.

Although the forms can be generated from the PAF, you will complete the PAF & forms separately. You may choose to complete these both at the same time or to complete the forms after the PAF.

The PAF & forms are not dynamically linked.

  • Any changes made to the PAF will not be automatically made in the forms.
    • If you want to update the forms with changes made on the PAF, you will need to Copy Info from the PAF to the forms again. Only the PAF fields will be updated/overwritten and the other information in the forms that is not linked to the PAF will not be changed.
  • Similarly, any changes you make in the forms will not be made in the PAF.

See PAF to SF424 Mapping for more information how the PAF maps to the forms.