Additional Help

1.6 Download Grant Information Application

Brief directions are included below. For more information, see from eRPM (includes full process and illustrations of pages & steps.)


  • Opportunities are downloaded to eResearch from nightly.
  • If the FOA# unknown, search for it using
  • If you use the finder, you must return to eResearch Proposal Management to complete your application. Work Arounds:

  • Foreign location, required to include a zip code. Required to enter something or could not move on.
    • Problem with validation from agency. Contact the appropriate agency to report this issue.
  • Zip code validation error
    • Zip code pulled from M-Pathways 12345-6789 (format)
    • Dash causes error when validate
    • Workaround remove dash
    • Being prioritized for a future release
  • Indirect calculation doesn’t round to the nearest whole dollar
    • Fix – Need an enhancement from our vendor.
    • Workaround –you can manually do this yourself.
  • PROJECT DIRECTOR/PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR CONTACT INFORMATION (Pulled from R&R Key person) -Position/Title is pulled from “Primary Work Location” from M-Pathways Human Resources.
    • Work around - Change this on the RESEARCH & RELATED Senior/Key Person (with Expanded) Profile page.
  • Areas affected by project and Congressional district on the face page are blank.
    • Not automatically filled in because different for Dearborn & Flint.
  • Required documents/fields (marked with a red asterisk *)
    • Requiring certain docs are uploaded before moving on to the next page. Not always possible as fill out the application in stages/pieces. E.g., required to upload a project summary.At the PAF stage, it is often draft.
    • Fix - Not able to change this in the immediate future.
    • Workaround -Remember you can use the Jump To list to skip between pages.
      • Tip: If you have a partially completed page, use the Jump To move to the next section. It will save a partially completed page.
      • Warning: If you try to click save or continue on a partially completed page you receive a warning.
  • Entering data multiple budget years
    • When entering budgets, names don’t carry over from the Yr 1 budget sheet
    • Budget pages not prefilled after first one -it would be so nice if the text would prefill, not the numbers
    • Cognizant Federal Agency information only automatically entered in Yr 1. Had to enter it separately each year
      • Cannot be prefilled because when we create the SF424 we do not know how many budget periods.