Additional Help

2.10 Key Personnel Detail

On this page you will find all personnel listed entered in 2.3 UM Investigators that you gave the following roles:

  • UM Principal Investigator
  • UM Sponsor Principal Investigator
  • Participating Investigator with Specified Effort
  • Other Non-faculty Investigator

Important! Any UM Investigator with the role Participating Investigator without Specified Effort does not appear on this page.

For definitions of these roles, see:

If individuals do not appear that should, use the Jump To list to return to UM Investigators and make changes.

  1. For each person list their proposed effort for the initial budget period. Record the % effort using the following options:
    • Academic Yr and/or Summer
    • Calendar Yr

      Important! You cannot use all three fields. If you use Calendar year, do NOT complete Academic Year or Summer. If Calender year is used in combination with Academic Year or Summary, an error will occur when routing for approval or when checking for errors.

  2. List any comments.
Note: The comments is a good place to list months.

Both the Proposed Effort % fields and comments are sent to the eResearch Proposal Management data set.

Note: Proposed Effort is optional in eRPM. Some departments may require that you enter this information. Check with your school/college/unit for policy and specific directions.