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2.6 Administrative Personnel

Add the people who will be serving as Administrative Personnel on the project. Administrative Personnel are people other than the Principal Investigator to whom questions about the project can be addressed and to whom correspondence about the project should be sent. There must be at least one person entered on the Administrative Personnel page.


Expand/CollapseAdd Administrative Personnel
  1. Type the person's Uniqname or last name and click Find.

  2. Select the correct person from the list.

    TIP: If you cannot find the correct person, click the arrow next to User not found? in the search results list; either re-search using the tips shown or click Create Account to create an account for the user.

  3. Select the checkbox for the Award Type for which this person will have an administrative role.
    • Pre-Award
    • Post-Award

  4. Select what Permissions (i.e., edit rights) the person should have.
    PAF: Can edit the PAF whenever it is available to edit.
    SF424: Can edit SF424 (i.e., forms) after it is generated and before it is submitted to the sponsor.

    Notes: If no PAF and/or SF424 edit rights are selected for the person, he/she will only be able to view PAF and/or SF424.

    If the PAF is not for a opportunity, the SF424 checkboxes do not appear.

  5. Click Save.
Expand/Collapse Add More Administrative Personnel
  1. Click Add.

  2. Follow the steps above in Add Administrative Personnel.
Expand/Collapse Edit Administrative Personnel Information
  1. Click Edit by the person's name.

  2. Make changes, as needed, to:
    • Award Type
    • Permissions (i.e., edit rights) to the PAF or SF424)

  3. Click Save.

Expand/Collapse Delete Administrative Personnel
  1. Select the checkbox for the person.

  2. Click Delete.

  3. Click OK to the warning box.

    Note: You cannot delete if only one person is listed in Administrative Personnel. You cannot delete the Primary Administrative Contact, unless you first change the contact on the Project Administration page.
Expand/Collapse User not found?/User Doesn't Exist?/Create Account

If you cannot find the correct person in the search results list, click User not found? then click Create Account to verify if the user exists in the M-Pathways Human Resources database.

Verify Whether the User Exists:

  1. Select Uniqname or Last Name as the Search Type.

  2. Type the person's Uniqname or Last Name (as applicable) in the data entry field.

  3. Click Search.

  4. If user(s) match your search criteria, the name(s) will appear below your search criteria.
    Note: If the person is currently associated with UM and you cannot find them, contact the ITS Service Center.

  5. Click the person's name to create an eResearch Proposal Management account for him/her.

    He/she will be sent an email confirming his/her access to eResearch.

  6. If person is not currently associated with UM, select this option.

  7. Complete the required fields, then click Save.

    If the person will need to login and use the eResearch system, you will need to coordinate with him/her in the creation of a UM Friends Account (creates an ID to allow non-UM users to login into some UM systems).

    He/she must create a UM Friends Account using the same preferred email address that you entered on this page. If the email addresses do not match he/she will not be able to login to eResearch.