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3.3 UM Cost Sharing Supporting Documentation

eRPM is only used to confirm cost sharing approvals. Request cost sharing outside of the eRPM system & record commitments in eRPM.

If your proposal contains UM Cost Sharing, attach any email or letters that detail the cost sharing agreement.

You can:

  • Attach: Browse and attach documents.
  • Edit: Replace current document with a new version and keep a version history (keeps older versions for later reference).
  • Version History: View past versions of edited documents and revert to previous versions if needed.
  • Delete: Remove a document. Does not keep any version history.


  • Documents can be any file format, e.g., Excel (.xls), Word (.doc), PDF, etc..
    Make sure that everyone who needs to view the document has the application needed to view it.
  • You can upload as many documents as you would like.
  • Each document uploaded can be up to 150 MB.
  • If you document is more than 150 MB, you can compress or zip it to reduce its size.


Working with Documents - Step-By-Step Procedure (Topics: Attach, Edit, Version History, Delete, and Document Security).

To see a demonstration on how to use this page, see the Budget Section of the PAF online course.