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3.12 Proposed Total Project Budget

For total project budget:

Note: All field fields required to route for approval - marked with * red asterisk.

  1. Type or select start and end date
    Tip: Acceptable date formats include:
    MM/DD/YYYY, e.g., 02/04/2009
    M/D/YY, e.g., 2/4/09
    After you save the date format is converted to a MM/DD/YYYY format.

  2. Type indirect cost rate in the Rate % field.

  3. UM Cost Sharing comes from information provided in UM Cost sharing totals.

  4. Enter sponsor amounts for
    direct costs

    indirect costs.

Need more information? See:

Also, contact your school/college or unit for local information.

To see a demonstration on how to use this page, see the Budget Section of the PAF online course.