Additional Help

6.1 Final Proposal

Use this page to:

  1. Note that your proposal is ready for submission (click the checkbox)
  2. Upload one PDF proposal document for submission to the sponsor.
    • For Non-Federal Direct Sponsor, the PDF should include:
      • Statement of Work, Abstract, etc.
      • Budget
      • Budget Justification
    • For Federal Direct Sponsor:
      • If you are submitting via Workspace, attach one PDF file of the final proposal.
      • If you are completing forms in eResearch, you do not need to upload any documents here.


    • Do not attach Word, Excel or multiple documents unless specifically indicated otherwise by the sponsor or your PR.
    • DO NOT attach any internal documents used for UM Review. (These will be attached in Internal Documents - 6.2 Supporting Documents.)
    • Make sure to click Attach.


  • If not all documents associated with this proposal have been finalized, answer no to question 5.17.
  • To finalize after routing for approval, use Finalize for Submission to Sponsor activity in the PAF Workspace under the Manage Data section.

Some basics are highlighted below. To learn more, see:

ORSP Submitting Proposal

  • If ORSP is submitting your proposal, ORSP will print and submit the PDF you attach here to the sponsor.
  • Include your submission instructions in 5.18 Notes for ORSP.
  • ORSP cannot submit the proposal until you have finalized.
  • Answering YES to question 5.17 and uploading the final proposal documents, you are indicating to ORSP that the proposal is final and can be submitted at any time after unit approvals are complete.

Project Team Submitting Proposal

  • You cannot log submission unless you have:
    • Answered yes to question 5.17
    • Checked the box the your proposal is ready for submission
  • You can manage this page after you route for approval by Finalize for Submission to Sponsor activity.
  • After ORSP review is complete, you will have an activity called Project Team Log Submission (directions).

Working with Documents

You can:

  • Attach: Browse and attach documents.
  • Upload New Version: Upload a new version of a document and keep a version history (keeps previous documents).
  • View Version History: View past versions of documents and download previous versions if needed.
  • Delete: Remove a document. Does not keep any version history.
  • Manage Document Security: Restrict specified personnel from viewing the document.


  • Mac users: make sure you turn on file extensions. Any file uploaded without an extension (e.g., doc) cannot be viewed by others.
  • No limit on the number of documents that can be attached.
  • Documents can be any file type (e.g., .ppt, .xls, . pdf, .doc).
    • The person viewing the document must have the correct program to view your attachments. For example, if someone does not have Microsoft Project he/she cannot view MS Project files (.mpp).
    • Consider uploading a lower version of file types to ensure everyone can view your document, e.g., upload .doc instead of .docx.
  • Each document uploaded can be up to 150 MB.
    • If you document is more than 150 MB, you can compress or zip it to reduce its size.


For detailed directions, see:

Working with Documents - Step-By-Step Procedure.