Additional Help from eRPM - Finalize Proposal for Submission to Sponsor

On the (SF424 Workspace), if the current state is Valid for Submission, your forms are can be submitted by ORSP.

- Validate checks that all fields required to save are completed.
- Complete Submission Pre‐Check to run a validation
- Check your sponsor submission instructions to ensure that all sponsor requirements have been met. E.g., some sponsors require that attached documents (PDFs) must be in a specific order.

Brief directions are included below. For more information, see from eRPM (includes full process and illustrations of pages & steps.)

To validate your forms you need to:

  1. Click the Forms link in the PAF Workspace.

  2. Complete the forms. 
    Note: The state in the Workspace when you are working on the forms is Pre-Submission.

  3. Click Validate Submission from the Workspace.
    - Check to make sure Required fields completed.

  4. If you have errors, the Errors/Warning Messages window appears.
    - Fix errors, save, and refresh to determine if you have corrected all errors.
    - Click Validate Submission again.

  5. Click OK on the Validate Submission window.

  6. You are returned to the workspace. The state of your application is now Valid for Submission.

    Note: You can no longer edit the forms.
    If you need to make changes, click Reopen for Edit.
    You will need to validate again if you reopen for editing.

  7. You can now:
    - Submission Pre‐Check ( validation)
    - Generate a PDF version to review all information entered and attachments
    - Finalize for Submission to Sponsor