Award Notifications Sent from eRPM - Since 1/5/09

  • PAN & PAC award notifications are generated from the eRPM system & sent via email to investigators and campus administrators, specifically:
    • UM Principal Investigator
    • Sponsor Principal Investigator
    • Participating Investigators with Specified Effort
    • Administrative Contacts (all administrators listed on proposal or project)
    • Any person (or group e-mail address) listed as the PAN/PAC Notifiers for a unit (department) that was required to review the PAF.
  • Award Notices (PAN/PAC) Notice ID
    • Notice ID format:
      • PGN-# (Project Grant Number dash number) e.g., F123456-2
  • All PANs/PACs listed on Project WorkspaceProject Workspace
    • PI & Project Team - Can also view awarded projects on the "Active" tab. [View Sample]
    • Reviewer - Can also view awarded projects on the "Active/Closed/Turned Down/Withdrawn" tab. [View Sample]

Need more information?

View samples that have detailed descriptions
-- Sample PAN
-- Sample PAC

Improvements Made - In Feb & Mar 09

  • E-mail Subject line includes: Notice ID (PGN-#), DRDA number, UM Principal Investigator last name
  • PAN text moved to improve printability
  • PAN/PAC numbering changes
    • Note: Any PAN sent between 1/5 – 2/24/09
      • PAN numbered with a suffix of “1” (e.g., F123456-1)
      • Caused first PAC to be numbered “2” (e.g., F123456-2)
    • Effective 2/25/09
      • PAN numbering begins with to PGN-0
        • E.g., F123456-0
      • PACs will increment the Notice ID by 1
        • First PAC is: PGN-1 (e.g, F123456-1), second PAC is: PGN-2 (e.g., F123456-2), etc.
  • PAN/PAC e-mail recipients listed at bottom of PAN/PAC e-mail

eRPM address changed - As of 3/26/2009

If you have PAN/PAC message sent prior to 3/26/09, when you click on the link to eRPM you will receive a security certificate error. If you accept the error, you will be able to proceed and view the award document.