What's New - 12/03/12 (SF424 Version 2.1)

Grants.gov/SF424 Enhancements:

  • New! eResearch now supports additional forms for the Department of Education and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) opportunities. For the Department of Education, all forms are now available when submitting electronically via Grants.gov.

  • Grants.gov now validates National Institutes of Health (NIH) Type 7 (Change of Institution) and Type 6 (Change of PI) applications. If applicable, validation errors will display.
  • Warning A new option has been added by our software vendor to flatten editable PDFs on the "Validate Submission" activity. We recommend that you do not use this new option. Flattening a PDF takes a long time to complete and may cause the activity to time-out. Also, as the majority of PDF attachments are "read-only;" flattening them should not be necessary.


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