What's New - 5/4/2014 (SF424 v2.5.1)

Change to Reopen SF424 for Editing after Submission to Grants.gov

The Reopen for Edit activity in the SF424 workspace is no longer available for use by the project team once an application has been submitted to Grants.gov.

  • Once submitted, only the Project Representative listed on the associated PAF can reopen the SF424 application for editing and re-submission.
  • Anyone with edit rights on the SF424 project can use the Reopen for Edit activity any time prior to the application being submitted to Grants.gov.

Grants.gov Form Updates

Grants.gov forms in eRPM have been updated to the most recent set of NIH Validations (version 6.2 - April, 2014 release).  In addition, the following updates were made:

  • An error causing some users to incorrectly receive a message indicating that the SF424 cover letter needed to be attached has been corrected.
  • An error causing the Total Subaward/Consortium/Contractual Costs to be calculated incorrectly on the R&R Fed+Non-Fed Budget form has been corrected.
  • RR_SF424-V2.0 has been changed back to a two-page form.  This is a cosmetic change only.

The OMB Number and Expiration dates have been corrected on the MS Word template files used to generate PDFs for the following forms:

  • Performance Site V2.0
  • R&R Budget V1.3
  • R&R Budget 10 YR V1.3
  • R&R Key Person Expanded V2.0
  • R&R Other Project Info V1.3
  • R&R SF424 V2.0

The Generate PDF Version activity in the SF424 workspace will now convert .doc, .docx and .txt attachments to PDFs that will display when previewing the SF424 application. Attachments will retain the original file type when submitted to Grants.gov.

  • Excel files are not currently supported with this enhancement, this functionality is planned for a future release.

Post-Submission Project-Status Updates

  • Upon submission, Project Representatives are no longer required to use the Get Status Detail activity in order to display the current state of the project in the Grants.gov workflow.  The system will now automatically check for status updates at regular intervals and reflect state changes in real-time.  
    Note: while use of the Get Status Detail activity is no longer required, it is still available for use.
  • If you are viewing the SF424 workspace after submitting the project to Grants.gov, the system  will continuously check for status updates.  This will be reflected in the upper-left corner of the workspace where the project state is displayed; “Updating…” will display as the workspace refreshes and the state changes to reflect the Grants.gov workflow.

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