What's New - 11/22/2014 (SF424 v2.6.2)

NIH eRA Commons

eRPM now supports NIH's eRA Commons validations version 6.5

Bypass of Unique File Names for Non-NIH submissions

The Validate Submission activity window now includes an option to skip PDF unique file name check for non-NIH submissions. This option is not available for NIH submissions.

Generate PDF activity now supports Excel spreadsheets

Excel files can now be converted to a PDF as part of the Generate PDF activity. In addition, this activity still supports .txt, .doc and .docx files.

New Supplementary Cover Sheet for NEH Grant Programs (v2.0)

A new supplementary cover sheet form is available for National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) grant programs.

Indirect Cost rate field

Values entered in the Indirect Cost (IDC) rate field will not be validated past the hundredths place. Values entered with more than two decimal places will now be truncated during validation. Requested IDC funds will still be calculated on the value entered (even if it contains up to five decimal places), but the value sent to Grants.gov and the sponsor will be truncated to two decimal places.

Display order of generated PDFs has been fixed

An error causing pages to display out of order when using the Generate PDF activity has been fixed.

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