What's New - 5/23/15 (SF424 v2.6.5)

NIH Biosketch validations now accommodate the new 5-page format.


Removed validation on Base Salary field in Research and Related Budget

The validation requiring the base salary field for a key person listed in Section A of the Research and Related Budget has been removed. The base salary is not required by Grants.gov to complete an SF424 application.


Subaward Download file in the SF424 Workspace with V1.3 Subaward forms updated

The download file for subaward budgets in the SF424 Workspace had outdated versions of the subawards. These have now been updated.


Error message re: duplicate file name error when running Validate Submission activity​ updated

The error message has been updated to help identify which attachment(s) have an issue.


Date format changed on PHS Fellowship Supplemental - Page 2 to MM/YYYY

The date format for Completion Date in the PHS Fellowship Supplemental (V2.0) form was generating  a validation error and displaying incorrectly in the SF424 smartform. The correct format was being generated into the xml that is submitted to Grants.gov. The date in the smartform is now displaying correctly as MM/YYYY upon saving and the validation has been removed. NOTE: The date on the generated PDF is still MM/DD/YYYY but this isn’t sent to the sponsor.


The following forms are now available:

  • Implement NIFA Supplemental Information (V1.2) form
  • Implement NSF Cover Page (V1.6) form
  • Implement AFRI Project Type (V1.0) form


The following issue has been identified, please note the current workaround:

NIFA Form:

  • Question 3: Type of Applicant (H. Public/State Controlled Institution of Higher Education). This will be pre-populated for you after running the copy PAF information to Grants.gov forms activity.
  • Question 4: (new) Needs to be answered if you select H. The issue is that the correct selection is  "OTHER" but that isn't an option in the drop down menu.

Workaround for NIFA Supplemental Information Form:

Until we can get this fixed the following workaround is recommended by ORSP:

  • Question 3: Section H will be pre-populated. Change selection to X. Other.
  • Question 4: Select Other.


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