What's New - 11/21/15 (SF424 v2.7.2)

NIH Validation Rules have been updated to version 6.11

The following Additional Forms are now supported:

  • Basic Budget Form (v1.0) - used by the Dept. of Transportation
  • SF424 Mandatory Form (v1.2) - new version; used government-wide
  • ACH Vendor/Miscellaneous Payment Enrollment Form (v1.0) - used by Dept. of Treasury

Generate PDF Version activity available in any state

The SF424 activity to generate a PDF of the application is now available in any state; previously, the application had to be validated before the activity was available.

New activity icons in the SF424 workspace

The activity icons in the SF424 workspace have changed, however, the functions of those activities remain the same.

NIFA Supplemental Forms issue fixed - workaround is no longer required

This issue with NIFA form Question 4 ("Other" was not available for selection) has been resolved.

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