What's New - 7/16/2016 (SF424 v3.1)

Grants.gov (SF424) Application Enhancements and Changes

Real Time NIH Validations Updates

The methodology for checking NIH validations has been updated to pull directly from NIH. Benefits:
    • Running hide/show errors or the Validate activity will run against the most current validations from NIH and other sponsors who participate in the eRA Commons (CDC, AHRQ, FDA, VA).
    • Some of the data entered in the SF424 forms will be validated real-time against data stored in the eRA Commons. For example, on the Senior /Key Person Profile form the Commons ID you enter into the Credential field will be checked against what is stored in the eRA Commons for the Investigator.

The following Additional Forms are now supported:

  • PHS Fellowship Supplemental (v3.1) - used for the NIH F-series Fellowship proposals
  • NSF Senior Key Person Profile (Expanded) V1.0 form - used by NSF
    NOTE: This form will cannot be used with the Copy Map activity.
  • Supplementary Cover Sheet for NEH Grant Programs V3.0 form - used by the National Endowment for the Humanities

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