What's New - 4/22/09 (Version 1.2.02)

If you were part of the pilot or trained on how to use eRPM before 4/22/09, review the list of enhancements/improvements we have made.

Changes made between 11/17/09 & 4/22/2009

  • PAF Cloning Available
    • Can copy any PAF that was created in the eRPM system in any state [Learn More]
      • Can clone PAFs with a DRDA Number in the following format:
        FY-PAF12345 (e.g., 09-PAF12345)
    • Cannot clone PAFs that were converted from the PRISM system
      • PAFs that cannot be cloned have a DRDA Number in the following format: FY-1234 (e.g., 08-1234)

  • Finalize Proposal Sponsor Documents While PAF Is Routed for Approval
    • When you are satisfied that all sponsor documents are complete and ready to submit to the sponsor, you will need to to finalize your proposal in eRPM.
    • Proposal documents can be finalized at any time during Unit Review or DRDA Review of the PAF.
    • If DRDA is submitting the proposal, it MUST be finalized prior to submission to the sponsor.
    • [Learn More]

  • Project/Grant Number Displayed in Home Workspace for Awared Projects
    • Once a project is awarded, the Project/Grant Number is added to the Home Workspace.
      • Allows you to scan through your list of awarded projects by Project/Grant number.
        • PI & Project Team - View awarded projects on the "Active" tab.
          New Project/Grant Number heading. [View Sample]
        • Reviewer - View awarded projects on the "Active/Closed/Turned Down/Withdrawn" tab.
          New Project/Grant Number heading. [View Sample]

  • Grants.gov
    • Read permission is required to view SF-424 Summary Edit rights needed to edit the Grants.Gov Forms.
    • Included warning when copying from PAF to Grants.gov forms.
    • Many more points.
    • [See full Grants.gov list.]

  • PAF Changes
    • Previous Project/Grant Grant Number for Renewal/Continuation or Supplemental Request
      • New question "1.5 If Renewal/Continuation or Supplemental Request, enter current Project/Grant Number"
        [View Example]
    • Space for Key Personnel or General Space - added option to manually enter space for rooms not in eResearch [Learn More]

  • Review
    • Fixed routing sequence errors encountered in the pilot
    • Fixed problems with Reviewers making & submitting changes (when reviewing early - prior when it is in their Inbox)
    • Subproject/Grants Details all information is visible [Learn More]

  • Award Notifications (PANs/PACs)
    • Sent from eRPM starting 1/5/2009.
    • Improved email subject, text order, PAN/PAC numbering in eRPM, listing of email recipients. [Learn More]

  • Manage Department Information (Reviewers & Unit Liaisions)