What's New - 10/29/09 (Version 1.6)

This version of What's New highlights:

  • latest improvements in the eRPM system
  • best practices/tips for working with eRPM

Biggest Changes & Tips

  1. Attach One PDF in Final Proposal Documents [Learn more]
  2. Upload a new document versus a new document version
    [Learn more]
  3. PAN/PAC changes [Learn more]
  4. eRPM Emails - Better Subject Lines [Learn more]
  5. Full list of eRPM Tips [Learn more]

Summary of Changes (listed in alphabetical order)


  • Upload a new document versus a new document version
    • New document - use the browse button in a new line.
    • New Version of a document - use the browse button in the line where the document is already uploaded. Keeps past document versions.
    • View Version History - Click number in front of the document to view version history.

Click to view a larger version of the image.

  • A warning message now appears when deleting documents to confirm/verify that you want to delete a document.
    • Remember the delete function will delete/remove all past versions of a document.
  • Learn more about Uploading Documents & Version Control in eRPM.

eRPM Emails - Better Subject Lines

  • To clarify if action is required, emails sent from eRPM now include in the subject line, either
    • INFO

Please note, we continue to work with our vendor to improve subject lines and eventually include PAF ID/DRDA number & UM Principal Investigator last name in the subject line.

eRPM Tips - October 2009

Finalize Proposal Documents in eRPM

  • Attach One PDF in Final Proposal Documents
    • When finalizing the proposal documents that will be sent to the sponsor in eRPM, attach only one PDF file unless specifically indicated otherwise by the sponsor or your DRDA Project Representative.
    • Including one PDF:
      • Enables a faster submission of your proposal.
      • Ensures that your proposal is submitted to the sponsor as the PI intends.
    • Learn more:
  • After Project Representative has approved the PAF, Final Proposal Document(s) cannot be deleted.


PAN/PAC Changes

  • Total Award Period Cost Sharing now appears in addition to the Budget Period UM Cost Sharing on the PAN & the two Financial PACs (Project Change & new PGN).
    • Note: Only displays if cost sharing exists.
  • Comments related to the award reference number appear for Direct and Prime sponsors. These comments are used for award reference modifiers, i.e., revised.
    • Extra text will no longer be used in the middle of the award reference number, but previous award reference numbers will not be updated.
    • Please Note: If you have previous Award Reference Numbers with modifiers embedded in the Award Reference Number, take this into consideration when reporting on Award Reference Numbers in the eRPM data set.
Award Referencce Number Image

Proposal Submission - New Method in eRPM

  • When indicating how the proposal has been sent to the sponsor, "No Proposal Submission Required" is now a proposal submission option.
    • If you select "No Proposal Submission Required" explain why in 5.18 Notes for DRDA

Review & Approval

  • Unit Approve activity available in Proposal Finalized & DRDA Approved - Awaiting Finalization states.
  • Ineligible job code appears in bold to make it more obvious to Reviewers.
  • Acknowledge changes activity fixed to remove PAF from the section "PAFs with Changes Since Approval" on the Reviewer Workspace.

Related PAFs

  • When searching for a PAF, now sorts by PAF number in the search results.


  • Contact PI now displayed on PAF Workspace & Home Workspace.

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