What's New - 1/28/10 (Version 1.7)

This version of What's New highlights latest improvements in the eRPM system.

Biggest Changes & Tips

  1. PAF Search Added [Learn more]
  2. Integration with eResearch Regulatory Management [Learn more]
  3. Notes from eRPM Grants.Gov Tips Session [Learn more]
  4. Uploaded documents sorted by date uploaded.
    [Learn more]
  5. Hardship refinements. [Learn more]

Summary of Changes (listed in alphabetical order)


  • Uploaded documents now include Initial Upload date and Last Upload date. Document Uploaded Example
  • Documents are now sorted by Last Upload date. Documents display by descending order (most recently uploaded document displays first).

eRPM Tips - January 2010

  • eResearch hosted a conference call on January 11, 2010 to share tips & tricks for working in the Grants.gov forms in eResearch.
  • Topics Covered Included:
    • Tips for using your browser with eResearch
    • 424 gotchas (e.g., strict validations)
    • Fellowship - Personal Profiles in the NIH Commons
    • Note: An issue with NIH opportunities using Form B was discussed. This issue was fixed as of 1/14/2010.
  • Click here to view the meeting materials & recording.


  • The Hardship Indicator on the left hand side of the PAF Workspace now only displays when it is relevant to view a hardship.

    Hardship Message The specific states include:
    • DRDA Processing Hardship
    • Project Team Requests DRDA Action
    • DRDA Reviewing Hardship Request
    • DRDA Requests Hardship Changes
    • DRDA Approve Hardship Notification
    • FinOps Processing PGN Request
    • FinOps Processing Hardship Award
    • Hardship Award Active
  • New section included on the main tab of the PAF Workspace to display all active and closed hardships associated with the PAF.
    • Displays only if there are hardships associated with the PAF.
    • Anyone with access to the PAF will see the links to the Hardship(s), but only those with read rights to the Hardship will be able access the link(s)

  • On the Hardship tab on the PAF Workspace, the list of Hardships includes the following additional fields: State, Begin Date, End Date, and Total Requested.
    • The list is sorted by the date the hardship was created with the oldest Hardship appearing first.
    • Click here to see an example that includes the new fields.

  • On the Hardship workspace, a link has been added to allow you to open the PAF in a new window.
    The link appears under the heading Parent DRDA Number. parent PAF link from Hardship
    Click to view a larger version of this image
    • Remember that the PAF will open in a new window.
    • You will have two windows open. One will have the Hardship Workspace. The second window will be the PAF Workspace.

Integration with eResearch Regulatory Management (IRB)

  • Via an integration point with the eResearch Regulatory Management (eRRM) system, Project Teams can add relevant human subjects applications to their PAFs through a search interface on the Research Activities page in the PAF.
  • Steps:
    • Click the Add button.
    • Enter search criteria using information from the human subjects application.
      • Note: The PI is from the human subjects application and may not be the same PI entered in eRPM.
    • Click Find.
    • Select the human subjects application.
    • Click OK to add the human subjects application and return to the PAF.
HUM Lookup
Click here to view the Search for Human Subjects Application page.
  • After adding the human subject applications via this method:
    • The current Status, Approval Date and Expiration Date from eRRM display.
    • HUM ID appears as a link. Click the link to view the human subject application in eRRM.
      • Note: You will need access to view in eRRM.

  • Previously entered HUM IDs appear as a link if they had a valid match in eRRM. If not, the HUM ID will appear as text only with the Approval & Expiration Dates you entered.


  • More than one HUM can be associated with a PAF.
  • Status and dates are updated automatically. Proposal Management checks the information against Regulatory Management if the row is more than 24 hours old. Updates are made in Proposal Management if there is different information in Regulatory Management.

PAN/PAC Changes

  • Modification field added to the PAC.
    • If DRDA entered modification notes when processing the PAC, the modification field will display on PAC email notifications & PACs viewed in eResearch.

Review & Approval

  • Bug fix - When a PAF contains space and the owning department was overriden, the Dean level approvers did not always see that they were approving for space. This has been fixed and the Dean Level Approvers can see that he/she is approving for space on the Unit Approve activity.

PAF Search Added

  • Search for any PAF where you are listed as PI/ Project Team or Reviewer.

    PAF Search
    Click to view the full image

    • Click Search from your Home Workspace.
    • Select PI/Project Team or Reviewer.
      Enter search criteria.
    • Click the Search button.
    • To view a PAF returned in the search results, click the PAF name.
    • Notes:
      • Use the Reset Form button to clear all of your entries.
      • To return to your Home Workspace, click My Home.


  • Inactive Key Personnel section added on the PAF Workspace. When Inactive Key Personnel is clicked, the list of inactive key personnel displays with the inactived date for each person.

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