What's New - 5/14/11 (Version 1.9.5)

eRPM Changes

  • If a revised PAF is necessary,  DRDA will use the Send to Project Team for PAF Revision activity to allow the project team to make changes. Once the project team submits the changes, the PAF will automatically be routed to departments for review.

  • New activity, Update Research Activity, allows project teams to update the following information in Section 5, when the PAF is in any state prior to Awarded:

    5.1 Human Subjects: 5.1.1 Radionuclides & 5.1.2 HUM ID or Not Yet Submitted

    5.2 Animal Subjects: 5.2.1 UCUCA ID or Not yet Submitted

    5.3 Recombinant DNA: 5.3.1 IBC Safety Level &  5.3.2 All work registered with IBC?

    5.5 Stem Cells:5.5.1 HPSCRO Approval Date or Pending

    5.8 Radioactive Materials: 5.8.1 RPC Approval Date or Pending

    5.9 Nanotechnology:5.9.1 Nanotech description

    5.10 Infectious Agents: 5.10.1 Infectious Agents description

  • On the Post a Comment activity, you must now choose an email recipient or confirm that no email should be sent.


  • Added the ability to process bulk changes for Non-primary Research Administrators. These requests should be made through the ITS Service Center.


What's New - 1/19/11 (Version 1.9.4)

eRPM Changes

  • For PAFs in the state “Reviewer Making Changes” or “Unit Review – Project Team Making Changes,” a warning message will display to prompt project teams and reviewers that the Submit Changes activity must be completed for the PAF to move forward in the review process.


Reviewer Comments have been added to the PAF Summary and the pdf version of the PAF Summary.

  • The activity “Add Ad Hoc Reviewer” has been added to more states, including Proposal Preparation. This will allow PI/Project Teams to add reviewers from departments not identified on the PAF, if necessary.
  • A new PAF state, “Rejected by Grants.gov,” has been added to make it more apparent when a Grants.gov submission is rejected by Grants.gov.

Grants.gov SF424 forms support and copy mapping

  • Support for new forms, including:
    • R & R Budget - 10 year
    • R&R Subaward Budget (Total Fed + Non_Fed_ 10 YR)
    • Career Development Award Supplemental Form (V1.2)
    • EPA Contacts
    • NEA Organization and Project Profile and Supplemental Information

This update targeted NASA, NEA and NEH, so more opportunities from these agencies can be submitted system-to-system. 

  • Copy map supported indicator: a new column has been added to the PAF Sponsor – Grants.gov page next to the list of Grants.gov forms which indicates if the form is copy map supported. Note: If a form says it is “copy map supported” this means that any standard University information or specific information from PAF will be copied into the form.


  • The Senior/Key Person profiles on the R&R Senior Key Person form can now be sorted. For those doing NIH and AHRQ Fellowship applications this will allow you to put the faculty person designated as “Sponsor” in the first row.
  • New Comment activity on the Grants.gov SF424 workspace. If you can view the Grants.gov SF424 workspace, you have the ability to log a comment.

What's New - 10/30/10 (Version 1.9.3)

  • New state “DRDA Associated Closeout” has been added to the workflow.  This state will be used by DRDA to identify PAFs related to a project that is closing.
  • The Project Grant number has been added to the Campus Query results lister.
  • PAF question 1.4 (Is this a pre-proposal) will not be editable after the response to the question is saved.

What's New - 8/13/10 (Version 1.9)

This version of What's New highlights latest improvements in the eRPM system.

Biggest Changes & Tips

  1. A PDF version of the PAF summary is available on the PAF workspace [Learn more]
  2. Primary research administrators will be notified when the PI signs the PAF
  3. If PAF question 1.5 is answered, there will be validation on the Project/Grant number [Learn more]
  4. The system has been updated to reflect the new 18 month turn down policy [Learn more]

Summary of Changes

RAN Meeting Presentation - August 12, 2010

PAF Changes

  • If PAF question 1.5 is answered, the entry must be a valid (active or inactive) Project/Grant number.

PAF Summary

  • A PDF version of the PAF summary is available on the PAF workspace
  • The initial PDF is captured when the proposal is submitted. If changes are made, a new version is created when the DRDA PR approves
  • The long and short titles will display on the PAF Summary
  • All Budget Components will display on the PAF Summary

New State

  • New state: Post-submission DRDA Approved

Turn Down Policy

  • The system has been updated to reflect the new 18 month turn down policy
  • PI and Primary Research Administrator will receive email notification at 13 & 15 months
  • Al PAF contacts will receive an email notification when a PAF is Turned Down or Withdrawn
  • If a PAF is turned down and later restored, the department signatures and PI signature(s) will be cleared and required again
  • Departments can request that ITS perform a bulk change to move a list

Other Changes

  • Primary research administrators will be notified when the PI signs the PAF
  • A new state, "Invited for Full Proposal", has been added for Pre-proposals (10-PRE00123)
  • An issue with the display of the Grants.gov link when a second submission method (in addition to "Grants.gov through eResearch") is selected has been fixed.
  • Two issues with the Post a Comment activity have been fixed:
    1. Inactive PIs will no longer be available for selection
    2. Uploading a document will no longer delete selected recipients

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