What's New - 09/17/12 (Version 2.3.2)

The following changes were made to enhance the Subcontract process, update clinical trial information for the Unfunded Agreements pilot, and apply minor fixes for Grants.gov/SF424.

Subcontract (SUBK) changes:

New activities are available in the SUBK workspace and as Execute Activity options on the Subcontracts tab. These activities are recorded in the Recent Activity list and in the Activity History tab on the SUBK Workspace.

  • The Post a Comment for the Entire Project activity has been added for subcontracts. In this case, the email recipient list includes the option to select the Office of Contract Administration (OCA) personnel working on the subcontract.

  • Project Team Cancel Subcontract - use this activity when the PAF state is Active, but the Subcontract state is Pre-Submission. You must enter a reason for cancelling the SUBK. In the Subcontract Workspace and on the Subcontracts tab in the PAF, you see the SUBK state changes to "Cancelled".

Unfunded Agreements Pilot:

  • Clinical Trial phase descriptions have been updated on the Clinical Trial Routing Form (CTRF). For complete definitions, see the MICHR web site.

Grants.gov/SF424 Fixes:

  • Grants.gov forms now display "ORSP" instead of "DRDA" and the Authorized Official information on the face page(s) has been updated.

  • The font size on SF424 views has been increased to improve legibility.

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