What's New - 08/11/12 (Version 2.3)

The following eRPM changes support the new PHS Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) regulation. These system changes apply to all eRPM users and PAFs, regardless of the sponsor of the funding opportunity.

Personnel Changes

1. UM Key Personnel page renamed UM Investigator.

Question 2.3 UM Investigators

Changes to the UM Investigator page include:

  • Click Add to enter an investigator
  • Select if Senior/Key for each investigator (required)
  • New Role available: Other Non-faculty Investigator

For more information on UM Investigator roles...

List of values for Role field

2. Other PAF changes reflect use of "UM Investigator" instead of key personnel, including:

  • Non-UM Key Personnel page renamed Non-UM Investigators
  • Space for Key Personnel page renamed Space for UM Investigators
  • System email notifications updated, as applicable

3. Business process changes for PHS PAFs/projects (direct or prime), as well as those for sponsors following PHS FCOI regulations:

  • You must inform ORSP when there are changes to UM Investigators listed on a pending or awarded project. For example:
    • Adding a new investigator
    • Removing an investigator
    • Updating a previously "TBD" position with a named investigator

  • The notification method to use (e.g., Project Team Request DRDA Action activity)depends on the PAF state (e.g., Submitted to Sponsor). That determines whether you can update the PAF, complete a Revised PAF, or submit a Project Award Change (PAC).

Other PAF Updates

1. The text for the Sign PAF and Change Conflict of Interest pages has been updated to clarify that an answer tot he COI question is still required, even when outside interest disclosures have been completed in M-Inform, the university's Disclosure System.

  • For PHS (and other applicable sponsors) PAFs, additional verifications are completed by the applicable COI Committee outside of the eRPM system.
2. New alert! ORSP can now flag PAFs for which the sponsor has sent an early notice (i.e., "just-in-time") of a pending award.

The JIT in Progress flag appears under the Current State field on the PAF Workspace. Once ORSP completes JIT activities, this flag will disappear.
JIT alert in PAF workspace

This flag also alerts the COI Committees to complete the disclosure review and, if necessary, finalize the management plan for any financial conflict of interests.

3. New! View outside interest disclosure status from two places within the PAF Workspace:

  • Contacts tab
  • Manage Data > View Disclosure Information

View Disclosure Info
For information on U-M's outside interest disclosure & COI policies...

Subcontracts (SUBKs) in eRPM

You can now request subcontracts and submit SUBK documentation (e.g., budget) in eRPM! For step-by-step instructions, see the Enter a Subcontract procedure.

Entering a SUBK has three main steps:

  1. Indicate that your PAF has a subcontract associated with it (PAF question 2.2)
  2. Click Add New Subcontract (PAF question 3.11)
    • The system opens the subcontract worksheet.
    • Enter/upload the information required for ORSP & sponsor review of the PAF: Subcontract Investigator, Subcontract Contact, completed Letter of Commitment/Notes
  3. After the PAF is awarded, access the SUBK from the Subcontracts tab to enter/upload the Subcontract Details for submission to OCA. For example:
    • SUBK budget begin/end dates
    • Project/Grant number
    • Federal Contract
    • Subcontract documents (e.g., detailed budget, statement of work, cost/price analysis)

View Disclosure Info

You will see the following SUBK States as it's processed: Pre-submission, OCA Review, OCA Processing, Active. Other SUBK States are: Project Team Making Changes (i.e., after submission) and Cancelled.

What you will see in eRPM?

In the PAF:

  • PAF: new subcontracts question (2.2) and new Subcontracts page in the Budgets section.

  • Subcontract worksheet within PAF: opens when you click Add New Subcontract (or access a SUBK from the Subcontracts tab or All SUBKs page). This worksheet has three sections: Introduction, Subcontract Details, End of Subcontract Worksheet.
    • Note: The Subcontract Details section is not available until the PAF is awarded!

  • Subcontracts tab within PAF: Displays the subcontracts associated with the PAF. Click the SUBK Name link to open the SUBK Workspace.

  • Subcontract Workspace: Provides information and access to the SUBK. Features and functions are similar to the PAF workspace.
    • Four (4) tabs: Main (basic info), Contacts, Attachments, and Activity History
    • Reminder notification (see the text highlighted in yellow above).
    • SUBK activities: Submit Subcontract Request, Update Subcontract Details, Project Team Submit Changes, and Project Team Decline Changes.

  • SUBK Summary: view-only version of data entered for the subcontract.

  • PAF Summary: Subcontracts data added; includes link to SUBK Summary.

In the Home Workspace:

  • Subcontracts with Required Action list shows those SUBKs that need to be completed and submitted, or updated.

  • All SUBKs page: Lists all subcontracts; provides a status and other information at a glance and an alternate method for locating a subcontract entered in eRPM.

See the ORSP Subcontracts web page for U-M policies and outside interest disclosure forms for subcontracting organizations.

Additional Announcements

Fixed: SF424 - The Grants.gov forms now display at the appropriate size when using Firefox as your web browser.

Visit the Proposal Management Training page to get an updated PI & Project Team Quick Reference and other job aids.

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