What's New - 12/16/2013 (PM_v2.7.2)

Ad Hoc Reviewer functionality added to Unfunded Agreements (UFAs)

This functionality mirrors the existing Ad Hoc Reviewer process in place for PAFs. Unit Reviewers now have the ability to send an UFA to a person who has not been previously designated as a Reviewer. For a department, anyone with Reviewer or Reviewer Who Can Sign access can assign Ad Hoc Reviewers.

For more detailed instructions on how to assign an Ad Hoc Reviewer, see the Assign an Ad Hoc Reviewer step-by-step procedure.

Updates to NIH page-size validation in eRPM

The error checking code on the NIH page size validation has been modified in two significant ways:

  • Improvement in how a page is measured. This enhancement will eliminate a common error users received on scanned pdf files.
  • Updated code more accurately matches the error checking done in the eRA Commons. NIH originally proposed more stringent error checking, but then chose not to implement. eRPM was checking for the more restrictive page size validation.

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