What's New - 3/31/2014 (PM_v2.8)

New Functionality! Cloning Unfunded Agreements (UFAs)

New functionality has been added to eRPM allowing Project Teams to clone (i.e., copy data from) existing UFAs.

  • You may only copy data from an existing UFA of the same category/type.  For example, you cannot copy data from an existing Non-Disclosure Agreement into a new Data Use Agreement.
  • For additional details, see the Clone an Unfunded Agreement step-by-step procedure.

Project Team Request ORSP Action

  • The Primary Post-Award Contact has been added to the set of Project Team Members who can use the Request ORSP Action activity.  PIs and the Primary Research Administrator can also use this activity.
  • ORSP Project Representatives will use the ORSP Action Complete and ORSP Unable to Complete Request activities to respond to change requests.  These activities replace the previous Decline Requested Action and No System Action Required activities.
  • Email notifications will be sent to Project Teams when ORSP responds to requested changes.

Hardship Workspace Changes

The Hardship workspace has been updated with the following changes.

  • Contact information for the Primary Post-Award Contact will now display.  Primary Post-Award Contact will now also receive Hardship-Project Award Notices.
  • The Hardship Project Grant Number will display if the state of the record is Hardship Award Active.

Display PAF Summary

When clicking Display PAF Summary in the PAF workspace, a system error caused the PAF summary to display incorrectly. This error has been fixed.

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