What's New - 5/19/2014 (PM_v2.9)

Sponsor Submission Deadlines

PAF question 1.10 Deadlines has been updated.  A checkbox and drop-down menu have been added allowing users to indicate proposal submission deadlines earlier than 5:00 pm EST.  

PAF question 1.7 - Deadlines


Sponsor submission deadline information is also listed in the PAF workspace and PAF Summary ("Display PAF Summary" link and .pdf link).

PAF submission deadlines displayed in PAF workspace and links to PAF summaries


Subcontract (SUBK) Enhancements

PI/Project Teams will now receive an email reminder when a SUBK has been in PI Review or Unit Review for 14 days.  Additional emails will be sent every 7 days thereafter until the PI and/or Unit Approval has been completed.

The Total Authorized Amount to Date field on the Introduction page of the SUBK worksheet will now be a required field when submitting the SUBK request.  This field will remain optional before the SUBK request is submitted.


Unfunded Agreement (UFA) Enhancements

New personnel added to an UFA will now be granted Edit rights by default.  Edit rights can be removed by deselecting the Edit rights checkbox.

When “Yes” is selected for the Plasmid/Vector/DNA/RNA question on the Material Details page of the Incoming Material Transfer Agreement, the Use of recombinant or synthetic nucleic acid molecules (rDNA or SNA)? question will now default to “Yes.”  This answer can be changed, if desired.

A Department Group column has been added to the All UFAs list.

The following notification now displays at the top of the UFA workspace when a Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) investigator is included on the record:

HHMI notification text

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