What's New - 10/27/2014 (PM_v3.2)

Updates to Unfunded Agreements in eRPM

  • For Unfunded Agreements in eRPM, the term "Sponsor" will now be replaced with the term External Entity.
  • With the exception of Non-Disclosure Agreements, users will no longer be required to select Prime or Direct when identifying an External Entity for all other types of Unfunded Agreements.

PAF Activity-Name Changes

The following activities have been renamed in order to maintain consistency between PAFs and Unfunded Agreements. These changes will also be reflected in the Recent Activity list on PAFs:

  • Log Fully Signed Contract = Log Fully Executed Contract
  • Log fully Signed Contract for Award Change = Log Fully Executed Contract for Award Change
  • Log Partially Signed Contract = Log Partially Executed Contract

ORSP: New Unfunded Agreement Type - Export Control Agreement

ORSP now has the ability to Request Export Control Review for applicable PAFs.

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