What's New - 12/22/2014 (PM_v3.3)

PAF Question 5.9 Updated to Include Export Controls

The question has been changed to:

5.9 Does the research project involve classified research or possible export controls?

If “Yes” or “Unsure” are selected, the user must provide additional details in question 5.9.1.  For more information regarding Export Controls, see http://orsp.umich.edu/export-controls/definition/


Request Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR) Review for PHS-Sponsored Projects

The RPPR must be completed annually via eRA Commons for PHS-sponsored projects. Once the RPPR is completed in eRA Commons, Project Teams can now request ORSP review and submission via the Request RPPR Review activity in the associated PAF workspace. For additional details, see the Request RPPR Review step-by-step procedure.


Federal Award Identification Number (FAIN)

A new field has been added to the PAF for ORSP to record the FAIN. The FAIN will display in the PAF Workspace and on Project Award Notifications (PANs) and relevant Project Award Changes (PACs).


Email Notification Options Added to "Request ORSP Action" Activity

When executing the Request ORSP Action activity, users now have an option to send an email notification to other people involved in the selected PAF. The possible email recipients include UM Investigators, Administrative Contacts or Department Contacts for the approving departments.


ORSP: Export Control Review for Unfunded Agreements (UFAs)

ORSP now has the ability to Request Export Control Review for applicable UFAs.


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