What's New - 2/23/2015 (PM_v3.4)

New Process for Providing Export Controls Details

A new process has been added to eRPM enabling Project Teams to provide additional details when indicating on the PAF that the project may include Export Controls. Project Teams will now receive a system-generated email requesting responses to follow-up questions regarding export controls. The email will be sent when the PAF moves into the states of ORSP Processing or Negotiation in Progress (i.e., the start of award processing).


New Activity for ORSP to Respond to Project Team Requests

ORSP will now have a new option to respond to Project Team requests for ORSP action. The new ORSP activity, Respond to Requested Action, will generate an email to the project team with a description of what has been done by ORSP or what needs to be done by the project team. Project Teams will no longer receive a notice of "ORSP Action Complete" or "ORSP Unable to Complete Request."

When responding to a requested action, ORSP will now have an option to indicate PAFs where requests are pending sponsor approval. In such cases, Sponsor Approval Pending will appear in red text at the top of the PAF. Once the sponsor response is received, ORSP will utilize the Record Sponsor Response activity to clear the text message.


Changes to FinOps Workflow States & Activites

eRPM references to “FinOps” (short for Financial Operations) have been updated to Finance - Sponsored Programs.

To coincide with the AST Shared Services Center (SSC) implementation scheduled for April 20, 2015, some actions, such as requests for new Project Grant Numbers (PGNs), will be moving to the SSC. Workflow states in eRPM will be updated to reflect the appropriate office.

Hardship Updates

The Hardship Request page in eRPM has been updated to coincide with the revised policy ORSP Hardship Authorization Policy. Project Teams will no longer need to provide a justification or itemized budget. In addition, a new field has been added for recording the indirect cost base (i.e., Modified Total Direct Costs/MTDC or Total Direct Costs/TDC).


Managed Foundation Alert

If the sponsor on a PAF is a Managed Foundation, an alert will now appear in the PAF Workspace as soon as ORSP adds the sponsor code to the PAF.

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