What's New - 8/23/2015 (PM_v3.6)

SF424 Update

The Copy PAF Info into Grants-gov Forms activity has been updated to provide the latest functionality offered by our vendor, Click Commerce.

When executing the Copy PAF Info into Grants-gov Forms activity, a list of required and optional forms will display, allowing you to select the forms into which you wish to copy information.

This activity is now required in order to populate the standard U-M and PAF information into the Grants.gov forms.

See the eRPM Grants.gov step-by-step instructions for more information.

Honest Broker Office (HBO) and UMHS Compliance Office Review Functionality Added to eRPM for Data Use Agreements

A new question has been added to Unfunded Agreements (UFAs) for outgoing Data Use Agreements. The new question will ask:

Will clinical health data (e.g., information collected as part of clinical care) be shared outside the University of Michigan?

Based on your answer, the Office of Research and Sponsored Projects (ORSP) will determine if a review by the U-M Honest Broker Office is needed. This functionality replaces the paper-based process. HBO review and UMHS Compliance review of Data Use Agreements that include sharing of clinical data will now be completed in eRPM.

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