What's New - 10/26/2015 & 11/9/15 (PM_v3.7 & PM_v3.7.1)


eRPM updated to support the new IBC Application.
PAF Question 5.5.2: When you select "yes" to the "rDNA/SNA" question, you will now be able to add either the IBC Registration or the IBC Application number, as applicable. Learn more about IBC oversight expansion.


eRPM has been updated to support the new PAN/PAC review process.
Beginning Monday, an email will be sent to the PAF’s Primary Research Administrator and Primary Post-Award Contact when a new Project/Grant number (PGN) is associated with a PAF.

The PAF project title has been added to the top of each PAF page.

Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs) updated to accommodate Export Controls and Honest Broker Office (HBO) review
New questions have been added to the Unfunded Agreement (UFA) form for Material Transfers:
New questions added to incoming MTA form:
– Are the materials that you will be receiving export controlled?
– Does the research you will be conducting with the materials involve possible export controls, classified research, or security clearances?
New question added to outgoing MTA form:
– Will clinical health data (e.g., information collected as part of clinical care) be shared outside of University of Michigan?
Based on your answers, eRPM will include the appropriate office(s) in the review workflow.

Office of Contract Administration (OCA) Email Option Added to Post a Comment to Entire Project Activity in Subcontract (SUBK) Workspace
If the Project Team wishes to include an email notification to OCA with the Post a Comment to Entire Project activity before an OCA Specialist has been assigned, they can now select the OCA Group email option in the activity window.

Name of Person Executing Activity Added to Email Notification for ORSP
Respond to Requested Action Office of Research & Sponsored Projects (ORSP) email notifications associated with the Respond to Requested Action activity now include the name of the person who executes the activity.

Grants.gov (SF424) Authorized Signer
Authorized Signer Field on SF424 Cover Pages has been changed from Daryl Weinert to Craig Reynolds.

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