What's New - 12/21/2015

Space for U-M Investigators

In response to a request from the Research Administration Schools Committee (RASC), project teams will now have an option to indicate that adequate space is committed. The eRPM Space for U-M Investigators page will be redesigned to allow for one of three options:

  • No individual space required
  • Adequate Space Committed, No Additional Space Identified
  • Requested Room/Building

Learn More:  Summary of Changes (includes a step-by-step procedure, and video demonstration).

Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) Form updated 

For easier data entry, the questions on the Material Details and Transfer Activity pages have been reformatted from Yes/No to Checkboxes.

Honest Broker Office is now UMMS Data Office

The Honest Broker Office is now referred to as UMMS Data Office, and eRPM reflects that. Activities previously named "HBO review" are now "HIPPA review," reflecting the review done for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act The system now supports the new names.


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