How do I get an eResearch Proposal Management Account?

Login to eResearch Proposal Management with a uniqname and a kerberos password and an eResearch Proposal Management account is automatically created for you.

  • You are given the PI & Project Team role (you can create proposals).
  • If you need to be able to review proposals for your department, contact the Research Unit Liaision for your unit to obtain access.

  • TIP: If you cannot find someone in eResearch Proposal Management, you can create an account for anyone who has uniqname and a kerberos password or Friends Account. See Create eResearch Account Directions.

How do I get a Uniqname & Kerberos Password?

Faculty, Staff, and Students can obtain an account with your own uniqname and kerberos password from ITCS.

See the ITCS webs site for more information

Who can use a Friends Account in eResearch Proposal Management?

If you are completing a proposal for a faculty member that is not yet at U-M (does not have a uniqname and a kerberos password), you can create an eResearch account for him/her after he/she creates a Friends account.

Important! After this faculty member has a kerberos ID & password, please log a ticket with the eResearch team to have this friends account eResearch account updated with the kerberos ID & password.