Proposal Management - Tips - October 2009

This is the first of an ongoing eRPM tips series designed to highlight best practices & features of eRPM. eRPM tips will be sent periodically to eRPM-info email group subscribers.

What's New & Tips

What's New & Tips

To keep you informed, we have introduced What’s New & eRPM Tips that can be accessed right from your Home Workspace.  Just login to eResearch & you will see:

  • Brief What’s New announcements posted in yellow Announcement box.  Includes a link to more details
  • Link to eRPM Tips posted on left side of your Home Workspace under the Support Links heading.

What's New

PAF ID Creation - Proposal versus Pre-Proposal

  • PAF Question 1.4 (Is this a pre-proposal?) determines the format of the PAF IDPAF ID Format
    • No = Proposal
      FY-PAF12345, e.g., 09-PAF12345
    • Yes = Pre-proposal
      FY-PRE12345, e.g., 09-PRE12345
  • Cannot change the PAF ID after you create the PAF.
  • Changing this question after creating a PAF does not change the PAF ID.
  • To change the PAF ID, cancel the PAF and create a new PAF.
  • Note that the pre-proposal ID will be different from the PAF ID established for the actual proposal.

Attach One PDF in Final Proposal Documents

  • When finalizing the proposal documents that will be sent to the sponsor in eRPM, attach only ONE PDF file unless specifically indicated otherwise by the sponsor or your DRDA Project Representative.

Final Proposal Submission Pre-Check

The Validate activity in eRPM forms performs a level 1 validation.
  • Checks that all * Red Asterisk fields are complete.
  • Does NOT check validation rules (level 2 validation).
  • New "Submission Pre-Check" activity performs a level 2 ( rule) validation.
submission pre-check
  • Steps:
    1. Complete forms in eRPM.
    2. Validate forms (Required).
    3. Complete Submission Pre-Check.
      - Checks Validation Rules.
    4. Finalize for DRDA (Required for DRDA to Submit to

Project Team Log Submission to Sponsor

When the project team plans to submit the proposal the sponsor, DRDA sends it back to the project team for submission after all DRDA reviews are complete.

The project team should clearly indicate in the Handling Instructions for DRDA that:
• No submission to sponsor by DRDA is required
• Instruct DRDA on what documents, such as a cover letter or allocation of rights
  agreement, are to be submitted by DRDA to the project team for inclusion in their
  proposal submission.

Project Team Submission to Sponsor

UM PI & Primary Research Administrator receive an email to inform them that the proposal is ready to be submitted to the sponsor.

The PAF will be in the state "Project Team Submission to Sponsor".

UM PI & Project Team Steps:

1. Finalize for Submission to Sponsor to upload Final Proposal (directions)
2. Log Submission to Sponsor (directions)

Reminder Emails:
The UM PI & Primary Research Administrator will be sent reminder emails every 10 days until the submission to sponsor is logged.

Note: DRDA cannot process any award received until its submission to sponsor has been logged.

Email Notifications

We have received feedback that it is not always clear why you are receiving emails from eResearch & that email subjects are too generic.  We are currently exploring enhancing the subject line to include the PAF ID, UM PI last name, & Project/Grant number.

Overall, the main emails
sent from eRPM include:
Sent To:

• Confirmation that PAF was Routed for Approval

• UM PI & Primary Research Administrator

• PAF Ready for Approval

• Department email contacts

• Changes Made After You Approved

• Departments to acknowledge changes


• Investigators, campus administrators, and department email contacts


email sample