Research Unit Liaison Meetings

Research Unit Liaison meetings are a forum to learn about, and provide input on, project updates; as well as to obtain tasks required to prepare your unit for any changes.

Upcoming Meetings:

  • No meetings currently scheduled.

Past Meetings:

  • July 26, 2012
    • eRPM updates (Personnel, Subcontracts), Conflict of Interest (COI) project update.
  • April 30, 2012
    • eRPM update (release 2.2), Proposal Management training courses, Conflict of Interest (COI) project update
  • December 13, 2011
    • eRPM update, Award Acceptance Process, and Conflict of Interest project update
  • June 28, 2011
    • eRPM update, Conflict of Interest project, eRAM Department Reviewer, and Human Subject Incentive Payment (HSIP) BusinessObjects Universe
  • March 22, 2011
    • Thom Madden Introduction, ITS Service Center udpate, BusinessObjects Upgrade, eRPM update, eResearch Animal Management (eRAM) update, OARS Upgrade, Revised PAF Process, and Award Acceptance Process
  • December 7, 2010
    • eRPM Update, ITS-Governance/ADAC update, Tips & Tricks feedback, Predefined reports update, Deb Mero introduction
  • June 29, 2010
    • eRPM Update, Update on eRPM Reports & Data set, eResearch Regulatory Management update, eResearch Animal Management Project Overview
  • April 6, 2010
    • eRPM Update, eRPM supplemental training, ITS governance model
  • December 1, 2009
    • Unit data, New Business Objects functionality
  • September 15, 2009
    • eRPM Update, Update on eRPM Reports & Predefined Queries, eRPM Department Change Process, Tips & Tricks, Human Subject Incentives Program
  • June 2, 2009
    • eRPM Update & discussion paper PAF retirement (7/1/2009), What’s new, Finalize Proposal, Email notifications, Blue Pages Feed from eRPM, Creation of PAF ID (Pre-proposal versus Full Proposal)
    April 7, 2009
    • eRPM go-live update, changes made based on pilot feedback, processes handled outside of eRPM, training, system support, OARs update, PRISM report conversion, update BusinessObjects upgrade
  • January 20, 2009
    • eRPM Project – 1/5/09 Update, eRPM Pilot Observations, Preparation for All Campus Release - March 09 Unit Readiness, Training Planning & Registration, Follow-up: OARS Training for Research ULs to grant access for eRPM data set
  • December 2, 2008
    • eRPM update, Pilot Report out, Preparation for All Campus Release - March 09 Department Roll-up Reports, Unit Readiness Training, OARS Training
  • October 7, 2008
    • eRPM Project Update, eRPM Pilot Updates (Participant selection, Processes for pilot DRDA Processes, Supplemental PAF Forms, Pilot Impacts on all) PRISM Replacement Reminder, Department Roll-up Reports, Unit Liaison Action Item Summary
  • August 5, 2008
    • Pilot, PRISM replacement with eRPM data set, All Campus Release, Sandbox updates
  • April 1, 2008
    • Demo on how to Manage Department Information, optional review order flag
  • December 4, 2007
    • eRPM workflow, identify PAN/PAC email notifications, contacts for proposal preparation and review, training numbers
  • October 30, 2007
    • Identify Reviewers & Appprovers, give feedback about training and communication approach
  • September 11, 2007
    • Kick-off, UL responsibilities, identify departments that have research activity & roll-up structure


Research Unit Liaisons will be sent a variety of tasks to help with the development and implementation of eRPM.

  • Task 8: In Proposal Management Sandbox, select if there is an optional review order flag
    Status: Complete
  • Task 7: Identify rough headcount of training candidates for leader-led training
    Status: Complete
  • Task 6: Identify contacts fo PAN/PAC email notification, Proposal preparation & review
    Status: Complete
  • Task 5 - eRPM Change Management/Communication/Training Approach Feedback
    Status: Complete
  • Task 4 - Identify PRISM Data Feeds
    Status: Complete
  • Task 3 - Approvers, Reviewers & Email Notifications
    Status: Complete
  • Task 2 - Verify Department Roll-up.
    Status: Complete
  • Task 1 - Verify DeptIDs with sponsored research activity.
    Status: Complete