Optional Supplemental Information for ePAF (Proposal Approval Form)

Optional Supplemental Information for ePAF during transition to eResearch Proposal Management. Originally sent to Unit Liaisons by Jim Randolph 11/12/08.

Updated form sent 1/7/09. See below for most recent version.

Information about form:

  • Use of the Supplemental Information form is completely optional.
  • It will be retired Summer 2009 when the transition to eRPM is complete.
  • Unit level (Department/ School/College/Center/Institute) decision about how to use this form.
  • Form data:
    • Includes fields not included on the existing ePAF, e.g., cost sharing commitments for the initial budget period.
    • Most of these fields are optional in eRPM system
      • Decisions whether to complete any of these data fields will be made at the unit level (Department/ School/College/Center/Institute).
      • Includes data that unit administrators felt are could be important for management purposes.
      • Some units will want to start collecting these data in the eRPM system, prior to making the transition from ePAF - current paper process - to the eRPM PAF.
  • Starting in January 2009, DRDA will load ePAF information into the eRPM system, eliminating the existing PRISM system. If this new Supplemental Information form is attached to a paper ePAF, DRDA will also transfer that additional data into eRPM.