Manage Unit Data - Coming 2/1/2009

What is Manage Unit Data?

  • Enables departments to capture their own information for any project where the department is an approving department.

  • Departments set guidelines regarding expectations about the data collected, when to collect data & reporting on this data using the Proposal Management data set.

  • Unit Data is sent to Proposal Management data set nightly. Anyone with access to the Proposal Management data set can view the data. It is not restricted to the department that entered the data.

Who Can Use Manage Unit Data?

  • For a Dept ID, you must be a Reviewer, Unit Liaison, or Unit Data Manager in eRPM to enter and or view Unit Data in eRPM.

Resources - Manage Unit Data

Manage Unit Data Overview [ppt]

  • Presentation shared with Research Unit Liaisions on 12/1/2009.

Manage Unit Data - Step-By-Step Procedure [pdf]

  • Directions on how to use the Manage Unit Data feature in eResearch Proposal Management.

Manage Unit Data - Definitions Tool [xls]

  • Tool for units to define Unit Specific Directions for the Manage Unit Data function in eResearch Proposal Management.
  • Use in conjunction with the Manage Unit Data Step-By-Step Procedure.
  • The letters correspond with the letters on the pictures in the Manage Unit Data Step-By-Step Procedure.