eResearch 5.8.1 Framework Update

Release date: Sunday, October 23, 2011

Framework update outage information:
5 p.m. Friday, October 21 through 7 a.m. Sunday, Ocotber 23, 2011

This framework upgrade includes some user facing changes. There are no changes to the human subjects or IBC smartforms or routing logic. System generated notifications (such as expiration notices) scheduled to be sent on October 21 will be sent on October 20.

Workspace changes

  • For Completed activities, clicking a Submission link opens a new window. This allows you to more easily scroll through your activity records.

  • Added page navigation functions to facilitate working with page results. You can now:
    • Jump to a specific page within a range of page results. email

    • Change the number of results that appear on a page (default is 10; up to 100 allowed). email

  • These additions require that the system load each page. When you select a tab in a workspace, you will see a “loading” message in the task bar to indicate that the system is working to return your results.

Urgent Amendments Feature Broken

Ancillary Committees, Core Committee Staff, and Committee Members: the feature that highlights Urgent Amendments in red text is broken. They now display in blue and black, similar to other document types. We appreciate your patience as we investigate a potential fix.

A quick method to locate any Urgent Amendments is to select “Is Urgent?” from the Filter by drop-down list and qualify with a “yes” value.

email Committee Workspace Slowness

We are currently investigating instances of system slowness when opening the Committee Workspace. If you experience this, or if the page fails to completely load, please refresh your browser.

ITS Service Center
734-764-4357 (4-HELP)