Release Notes Version 1.5.2

December 15, 2006

  • In the Exempt determination letter, the entire contents of the exempt category description now display.
  • Staff Reviews no longer move to the Completed tab until the submission is approved
  • Core staff reviews in the state Submitted are now listed under the In Progress tab of the Core Committee Staff home workspace.
  • When core staff perform the Correct Required Core Committee activity, all prior staff and committee reviews are now changed to the state Withdrawn.
  • The code for staff review creation and state transitions has been optimized to improve system performance.
  • Related Adverse Events now display in section 1.6.1 of the Amendment cover sheet.
  • The Core Staff Inbox display has been modified. For all tabs, except "All Reviews", the "Reviewer Checklist Last Modified Date" has been removed and "Last Submission State Change" and "Parent Project Title" have been added. The default sort order continues for all listings continues to the the Reviewer Checklist Last Modified Date.
  • Finalized documents are now watermarked with the ID of the study.
  • A new "PRC Admin Reviewer" role has been added.