Release Notes Version

April 6, 2007

Core Staff Process & Workspace Changes
  • An issue introduced in Release 1.5.4 caused an error when approving amendments; this has been corrected.
  • GCRC Only: When GCRC Core Reviewer mark a checklist item as Not Met, the Publish to Study Team checkbox will default to selected.
Institutional Biosafety Committee Form Changes
  • 1.1: The following text has been added, "If you are not the PI, you must add yourself as a person who can edit the registration in section 1.1.1"
  • 1.1: If a new registration is initiated for a PI who already has a registration, the following error message will display, "Could not update the IBC Treistration due to one or more errors:
    The specified PI already has an IBC registration. No new registratin can be created."
  • 2: Instructions have been added for how to create an eResearch account for a lab manager.
Institutional Biosafety Committee Process & Changes
  • The Exempt category now displays on the IBC Workspace.
  • A new registration can now be created if the PI's current registration is in the state Withdrawn.
  • Users with the role IBC Interested Parties can now view IBC Registration content.
  • If an IBC reviewer attempts to submit a review prior to responding to all reviewer checklist items, the system will now display an error message instructing the reviewer to respond to all items and then submit their review.
  • View Agenda by Submission Type, on the IBC Meeting Workspace, now displays links to the IBC Registration workspace and to the Printer-friendly version of the submission.
  • The IBC Core Staff activity Generate Printable Meeting Minutes was not adding assigned registrations to the minutes; this has been corrected