Release Notes Version

June 6, 2007

IBC Registration Form Changes
  • Introductory text and a link to the NIH guidelines have been added to the first page of the registration form.
  • Section 1 and Section 7-1: Text has been added to better define the type of work that requires registration.
  • 2.3.1: The following text has been added, "If you do not see the person you wish to choose, you can create an account for them with the Create New User activity available from your eResearch home workspace."
  • 5.1.2 has been deleted.
  • 7-4.2: Added "cloned" to the question.
IBC PI & Study Team Workspace & Process Changes
  • Users who create an IBC Registration on behalf of a PI will now automatically be added as a person who can edit the registration.
IBC Submission Listing
  • The All Registrations tab has been renamed Basic rDNA Registrations and the IBC Submissions tab has been renamed Human Gene Transfer. The tabs will now display 25 items per page.
IBC Core Staff Workspace & Process Changes
  • A new field, Last Administrative Date Correction, is now available from the Staff Admin page. This field will display the date corrected approval dates were uploaded to a study.