Release Notes Version 1.6.3

October 13, 2007

Form Changes
  • A scrollbar has been added to the document resource history which makes it easier to access all versions of a document.
Core Committee Staff Process & Workspace Changes
  • A new version of the software used by the Finalize Documents actifity has been installed, which should reduce the overall number of errors encountered when performing this activity.
  • The Finalize Documents activity will now check that all documents to be finalized contain merge fields. An error message will appear if a user attempts to complete the Finalize Documents activity with documents that do not contain merge fields. A new Merge Fields Override check box had been added so documents that do not require merge fields can be finalized.
  • The Finalize Documents activity was failing on documents with uppercase .DOC extensions. This problem has been corrected.
  • The Finalize Document activity will now provide an error message if a document fails to finalize because it is write or password protected.
Letters and Notifications
  • For expedited reviews, when the Request Change or Clarification recommendation was submitted the notification was sent to the PI instead of the core staff owner. This has been corrected.